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SeXXXXperience is the shocking, tell all memoir of Hotwife Taylor and Gabe!

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Ethical Consensual Non Monogamy

Sexual Health Alliance

We're truly ecstatic to have partnered with the Sexual Health Alliance and have the opportunity to educate Sex Therapists about Ethical Consensual Non Monogamy (CNM) from our perspective as we continue to advocate for the Lifestyle and Sex Work. Also featured will be Dr. Jess O'Reilly and Dr. Elisabeth Scheff.

"We are thrilled to welcome authors and educators of a book that explored swinging, escorting and porn in a marriage that breaks all the rules. Join us for this conversation and learning hour with Gabe and Taylor as they tell their stories from another world. " ~SHA

Join us in Dallas

We've been blessed to have yet another session with SHA at the Monogamish?! Lecture series featuring Dr. Elisabeth Schiff!


Hotwife Taylor and Gabe have teamed with swinger website as content contributors
Hotwife taylor and gabe did a podcast with lexi sylver at about their book sexxxperience
Sexxxperience is on the December ASN cover. Taylor and Gabe looks sexy and love hotwifing
Sexxxperience has partnered with sexual health alliance sexceptional series with Dr. Jess O'Reilly
Erotica awards 2020 vote for taylor best tatas, best profile pics, best party pic, sexxxperience

Let's Talk About Ethical Consensual Non Monogamy!

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Check out the trailer from Hotwife Taylor's latest Score Group shoot where she introduces SeXXXperience™!! 


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